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In this post a full tutorial on how to set up mx entry for windows live domains in cPanel.

First lets talk about the service from Microsoft. Why do you add your domain name to Windows Live domains?

  1. Getting an email at your domain name.
  2. You can get an email name starts from one letter or number like
  3. Using your email in windows live messenger as support department in your site.
  4. You get all hotmail services.
  5. Your website email is always professional one instead of
  6. You may open registration at and get more traffic to your domain when others use your name.

How to set up MX Record for Windows Live Domains in cPanel?

  1. Go to and sign in with your Hotmail account.
  2. Click on add domain.
  3. In provide your domain name write your domain name and choose Set up Windows Live Hotmail for my domain.
  4. Leave that page opened and go to your cPanel.
  5. From cPanel choose MX Entry.
  6. In Email Routing choose  (recommended).
  7. Go to the page of windows live domains which stills opened and copy MX server. it should be like this one *************** stars are for hidden letters. Paste  MX server in MX entry cPanel page in destination field in Add new record and make Priority 10.
  8. Then click on add new record.
  9. In the bottom you will see two MX entries. remove the one with your domain name and leave only MX server’s one.
  10. Go to Windows live domains page again and click on refresh.
  11. You will see (Your service is Active).
  12. Now you are done. register your email names you need and you can directly uses from windows live messenger.
  13. Log in with your new email name in Windows Live Messenger a message will appear. Follow it to set up using your new email with windows live messenger.
  14. If you moved your host you will need to reset up setting again from cPanel.

I hope you can do it and make sure that your comments are always welcome

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